Mitch Robbins is a former NCO and Missile Systems Analyst Specialist in the United States Air Force. During his time in the service he also learned computer programming, and upon leaving the Air Force became an independent computer consultant, programmer, and computer graphics artist. Mitch developed and wrote two popular computer games for the Apple computer, “Space Vikings” and “Star Destroyer”. “Space Vikings” was one of the top five selling games in the nation the year of its release. He later worked as a contract computer support specialist, first for Shell Oil and then for Chevron.

Mitch is married to his wonderful wife Barbara who has a full time job keeping him out of trouble and expanding her writing career. They have had three children. Teresa, their firstborn, was lost in a tragic car accident when she was very young, Amy is pursuing an artistic career, and David is one of his family’s greatest joys and greatest challenges. He has had cerebral palsy and several other debilitating conditions from birth and is now completely bed-ridden and dependent on others to meet all of his needs. God has miraculously taken care of this special son over the years, and his family loves him very much.

In April of 1997 he left the world of computer programming and customer support to start Top Secret Productions, Inc. Thus started his life-long journey into the creative and the business aspects of the film and television industry. He wrote, produced, directed, and edited documentaries, promos, training videos, 3-D cartoons, and teaching series for local, national, and international ministries and companies. Clients included Christar missionary group in Albania, The African Blindness Prevention Mission in Nigeria, and Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, among others.

In 2003, Mitch began working for the Daystar Television Network in Houston, Texas. There he soon became their chief editor and producer/director/writer of many dramatic short features and other local and network special shows and spots. His short features include: “The Bridge”, “Raiders of Time”, “Joe Storm’s Christmas”, “Terror in the Night”, “A Soldier’s Christmas”, and “An Annoying Little Sin”.

In addition to his work at Daystar Television, Mitch continued to work with other producers as 1st Assistant Director, Special Effects Coordinator, Director of Photography, and Digital Effects Artist on feature films including “Sterling: The Secret of the Lost Medallion”, “Matt Mercury and His Rocket Rangers”, and “Napoleon’s Curse”.

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Motion Pictures

1st Assistant Director, Special Effects Supervisor
Sterling: The Secret of the Lost Medallion (Feature Film. Visionary Pictures, LLC. 2003)

Animated Visual Effects Artist
Napoleon's Curse (Sadan Films 2009)

Director of Photography
Matt Mercury and His Rocket Rangers (Short Feature. Big Tex Movin' Picture Company, 2004)

Dramatic Television (Short Features)

Producer / Director / Editor
An Annoying Little Sin – Short Feature (Daystar Television Network)

Producer / Director / Screenwriter / Editor
Terror in the Night – Dramatic Re-enactment (Daystar Television Network)

Producer / Director / Screenwriter / Editor
The Bridge – Short Feature (Daystar Television Network)

Producer / Director / Screenwriter / Editor
Raiders of Time – Short Feature (Daystar Television Network)

Producer / Director / Screenwriter / Editor
Joe Storm's Wacky Christmas – Short Feature (Daystar Television Network)

Producer / Director / Screenwriter / Editor
A Soldier's Christmas – Short Feature (Daystar Television Network)

Producer / Actor / Editor
For Unto Us a Child is Born – Short Feature (Daystar Television Network)

Daystar Television in Houston, Texas -Producer, Director and Chief Editor (2003-2011)
Special editions of Daystar Houston's flagship program HOUSTON CELEBRATION
Hurricane Ike: The Eye of the Storm (documentary program)
The Peter Loth Story (Holocaust survivor – documentary program)
… and many more Daystar Television projects.
The Crossover - a 30 minute magazine style TV show airing throughout the world in English,
Spanish and Russian. (editor and motion graphics artist)
“Time With Theresa” television show (Producer, editor, and motion graphics artist for the
show's Intro and Outro)

March of Remembrance Houston
Worship Tabernacle 30 second spot
Texas Women's Empowerment Foundation 30 second spot
Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International 30 second spot
Project Kidnapping Prevention PSA
Courthouse Bible PSA with Pastor Steve Riggle and Dave Welch
Marriage Amendment PSA with Dave Welch
Irvin Baxter 30 second spot
Prophetic Word of Faith Ministries 30 second spot

Corporate / Marketing / Church / ministry
March of Remembrance Houston Commercials, Short Documentaries, Highlights Videos, Event Videos
African Blindness Prevention Mission Promotional Documentary Video
Texas Women's Empowerment Foundation Marketing Video
ADC Labs, Inc. Marketing Video
Otra Onda Promotional Video
Christar Recruiting Video
Heart of the Arts Promotional Video
The Call – Documentary Video

Safety and Training
“Not Your Ordinary Safety Video” - Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream

Visual Effects, 3D Animation
Napoleon's Curse – Feature Film
The Bridge – Short Film
A Soldier's Christmas – Short Film
Joe Storm's Wacky Christmas – Short Film
An Annoying Little Sin – Short Film
Raiders of Time – Short Film
Terror by Night – Dramatic Recreation for Houston Celebration
The Digibots – 3D animated series about robot kids in school with a robot teacher